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Bulma looked up at that point, " Actions do speak louder than words I guess…" "Look… Bulma," He wife fucks another man his teeth, "I am never going to be the kind of man that spills out his heart like a buffoon!

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Okay I'm just going to warn you, this is not a pure lemon- it has a lot of insight into it.

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His speed was unimaginable and his strength immense.

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He entered her very slowly this time, loving the way she squirmed under him in pleasure.

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Bulma bit her lip at his touch but she was too tired to respond, "It usually doesn't happen all at once…".

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Even if you cried a planet full of tears it will never wash away my pride.

Men aren't supposed to be able to do this for a reason!

Vegeta's Second Chance

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