Tumblr scams.

Tumblr scams. Dude this is a death situation here, you must not have a heart Tharbakim:

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This free app supposedly allows users to see who viewed their pages, which posts were viewed, and how often they were viewed.

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Some users were simply redirected to a new URL and asked for their login credentials, but for others, the faux login screen actually appeared on their Tumblr domains.

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There never was a credit card or loan.

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It gradually becomes clearer and clearer that pussy suck fuck is definitely a spam message as the spambot attempts to lure the woman away from Tumblr and into a website, which she claims is 'a more secure place.

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Woman's Tumblr exchange with a spambot trying to scam her has the internet in hysterics e-mail

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Every year thousands of people fall victim to scams as 'spambots' who trick credit card details out of unsuspecting social media users.

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