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Thailand people eating a black man. Word of such treatment, combined with Korowais' own ambivalence, prompted some to limit witch-killing even in places where police do not venture.

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I have read stories and watched documentaries about the Korowai, but as far as I know none of bonnie rotten anal reporters and filmmakers had ever gone as far upriver as we're about to go, and none I know of had ever seen a khakhua's skull.

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The green or red phrik chi fa "sky pointing chili" is slightly less spicy than the smaller chilies.

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Next to him stands his father, Khanduop, a middle-aged man clad in rattan strips about his waist and a leaf covering part of his penis.

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An image can carry racist connotations regardless of the motives of those who created it.

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I join in the laughing but keep a tight grip on my modesty.

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This is the haunt of giant spiders, killer snakes and lethal microbes.

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What use is money to these people?

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Seeing spirits in nature, they find belief in a single god puzzling.

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Each hearth is made from strips of clay-coated rattan suspended over a hole in the floor so that it girl next door titties be quickly hacked loose, to fall to the ground, if a fire starts to burn out of control.

Bhurita said she had gotten involved in the organization after seeing images of dogs being transported in large trucks.

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