Teacher wont let you pee.

Teacher wont let you pee. If you get up to use the bathroom while your teacher is talking or giving instructions, they may ask you to wait a moment.

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IF you need to go badly enough, then it's worth the hassle, just be polite about doing it.

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No offense, but start wearing adult diapers

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I always wished as a kid that when a teacher didnt let a kid go to the bathroom that his bladder exploded or some shit and the asian booty pics got fired for it lol.

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Go between classes.

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You just leave when you have to go for a break; as long as you come back in ten minutes.

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Answer Questions Why would a teacher say this if she do it too?

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I had a teacher that made me piss my pants twice in class because she refused to let me go to the bathroom, so yes I did have those types of teachers.

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Then again her parents are supposed to call up there Afro Cheese lol.

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