Sexy speedo pics.

Sexy speedo pics. Comments Comments it sux when anyone is fired, but i dont understand the controversey.

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This is a new series of men in underwear and swimwear.

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Sadly, we're behind on this one but AdFreak brings us up to date informing us ten year veteran Deutsch art director Jeison Rodriguez was fired last week a few months ago for sending out, via email, pictures of Donnie Donny Deutsch, wearing a Speedo and sporting a Free tranny date sites, he found on company servers.

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This post is a collection of pictures which I believe are different from the usual hunks pictures you find on the blogs dedicated to men including this one!

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What do you expect to find in a desert?

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Arrabella on June 4, 3:

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As if Donnie's ego wasn't enough to give me nightmares, now I have to have this image burned into my brain as well.

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Then I thought he was the chairman of Dove.

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Still, it's hard to work up much sympathy for the art director.

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