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Real milfs next door. Taking his hands and moving them away from his groin she kneels and sucks his purple helmet into her warm mouth.

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Covering his rapidly stiffening cock with both hands Les splutters and asks Izzy what she is doing.

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As she winds down from the creamiest of climaxes, Izzy realises with a sly grin that she is looking forward to it.

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She stood there with one hand at her waist like a model, still with her black bra and black pantie on.

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He slides balls deep in one thrust, easier than before due to the stretching she has received.

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Les is licking furiously at Izzy's snatch and she cums, bucking her hips and grinding herself against Les' face.

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It is one of my fantasies to have two hard young men at the same time.

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I started to help her take the groceries inside and when we were finished taking it inside she asked if I wanted to drink a beer, which I accepted.

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She stood up from the couch and pulled her own jeans slowly down and asked me.

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David is undressing in the bathroom when Izzy slips through the door and sits on the side of the bath.

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I started kissing her in the neck again and she moaned.

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