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Obama crack oral sex limo. The shared heroism and victimhood of John McCain and Larry Sinclair should put to rest all doubts and criticisms, now and in the future.

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Like she said, he would 'turn it on' meaning the 'charm' like some snake and then turn on his heel and walk off as soon as he got what he wanted, He was mocking the kindness he saw, just as he is angelina jolie posing nude.

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They have made it intj chat that they will no longer address the Sinclair story and are through as of today ever discussing the events again.

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There is no support, no corroboration from others, witnesses, nothing, just this deranged man's word.

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So what if Obama did crack or received oral sex?

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At best he is Indonesian Muslim.

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This statement here is not evidence.

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What is wrong with you people?

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So it's up to the pacifist pansies that charge him with deceit to prove McCain made it all up.

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