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Naked service women. The investigation started out with just the Marines, but has spread to all branches of the military.

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Eventually he summoned the nerve.

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Despite a number of media reports, policy changes, naughty babes tgp investigation by the Department of Defense, and even one Marine being punished in a summary court-martial, sexually explicit photos of female service members continue to be posted and shared online.

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This latest report comes almost exactly one year after the Department of Defense began investigating reports alleging servicemen were posting explicit images of female colleagues — including some taken without the women's permission or knowledge — online.

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But his first instinct wasn't to write about it.

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I was drinking one night at the Half King, a Manhattan bar co-owned by the writer Sebastian Junger, when a guy with a face full of stubble and tattoos climbing up his arms tapped me on masturbation squirt mature torrent shoulder.

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While Brennan worked on his story, he continued to monitor Marines United.

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He had a vague notion that he wanted to tell other people's stories.

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The picture had clearly been taken by a lover, someone she had trusted.

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When I asked how posting photos of nude service members helped the Corps maintain its fighting readiness, he was emphatic that his group did not condone such behavior.

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