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Naked breasts pictures of ethiopian young girls. Today, women are constantly pressured to fit the mold of magazine cover perfection.

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When girls hit puberty they have their bottom two teeth removed in a bizarre ritual before a small hole is cut into their bottom lip.

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Some modifications exist to enhance feminine beauty.

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If a husband dies, the plate is thrown away.

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In recent years, plastic surgery has become one of the most common and generally accepted forms of female body modification.

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A woman from the Surma tribe is sitting in front of a hut.

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In the Mursi tribe of southwestern Ethiopia, a young woman has her lip pierced by a woman of kin in preparation for marriage.

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A clay disc is then inserted into the hole, which is steadily increased, stretching the lip, much like flesh-tunnel piercings which have become popular with teenagers in the UK.

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The larger the plate the more cows her father can demand in dowry when she marries Juliette stray cum tribesmen engage in the less painful practice of body painting.

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