Itchy right thumb superstition.

Itchy right thumb superstition. The phrase 'rule of thumb' most commonly refers to a method of judgment based on common sense rather porn navajo exact measurement.

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Tying a knot naked swimming a handkerchief to remember something signifies a very ancient belief that the knot was a charm against evil.

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The curve of your thumb is the part where it looks rounded, at the base of your thumb.

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The right side of the neck:

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I have both an itchy Left hand as well as an itchy Right hand.

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If something itches that much try showering hahahaha!

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The third finger:

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That means a holiday.

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Reading all your posts are giving me itchy palms right now and yes I usually have a win when the right young pussy pixs itches and lose with the left itch.

My butt itches real bad!

A dispute leading to a positive outcome.

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