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Corporal punishment is a form of torture regardless of your intention," she said.

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When Adam and Laura Parkinson chose their hospital and obstetrician for the birth of their son, they didn't think they would get hit with a surprise bill for the epidural.

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Thunder storms, tornadoes, hail to threaten dozens of states.

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But for a Marine, the last yards were the toughest.

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Just maybe salmonella, E.

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Syariah caning is not similar to civil whippings, in that it is not meant to hurt and the cane should not be swung from a level above the head.

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More than people witnessed the caning in a Shariah courtroom in northeast Terengganu state, they said.

But in an example of how divided activists and some agers encouraging poem teen officials are, Terengganu Bar Council Chairman Sallehudin Harun said he was impressed with the caning and said it puts the shariah court in a "positive light.

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