Firemountaingems review.

Firemountaingems review. A ridiculous amount of chiefs not enough Indians.

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It was wonderful at first, good pay, a fun job to have, you got to socilize in the warehouse, I enjoyed it for a good while.

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Most recently, I was shorted one item and Customer Service responded much sooner than I anticipated.

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These days HOWEVER, the prices are too high, the quality is horrible, the shipping expensive for large orders, and the most unforgiveable:

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Advice to Management Look for people who have potential to advance in the company.

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Fire Mountain is a great place for anyone to grow, if you have a good work ethic and drive.

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Hours in some departments are directly effected by order volume.


Although after speaking with another person, she offered to write down my complaint and pass it on to the owner's assistant.

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Where to start with Fire Mountain, hmm let me start off with the few good things.

I worked very hard for them and I feel I didn't deserve to be treated this way since I only minded my own business and worked as hard as I could for them, I avoided drama and kept to myself.

When we made purchases via their site, we relied on their return policy.

Wonderful experience shopping with them.

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