Doberdor. Since the Doberman and the Labrador have different coat types, it is difficult to upskirts tumblr what level of maintenance and grooming your Doberman Lab Mix will require.

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On the other spectrum, the Labrador Retriever is a fun-loving, energetic dog that was initially bred for the sole purpose of hunting, tracking and retrieving water fowl.

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Well, then the Doberdor is just the dog for you!

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A mix is always healthier than its purebred parents as it tends to inherit the stronger genes.

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A big, black, slobbery canine with big floppy ears and a long hound-like tail and sleek body, resulting from the cross of a black Labrador and Doberman.

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The Labrador on the other hand is a seasonal shedder and requires more management.

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The Doberman parent should have good hip scores, be PRA clear and have a recent clear eye test.

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