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Cynthia nixon nude scene. She took issue with the idea that wife and mother were prerequisites wife flash a full life and she refused to let societal norms dictate her destiny.

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So the outlandish physical, sexual things that happened -- they really did happen.

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To be clear, Miranda Hobbes is not the perfect feminist role model.

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View Gallery20 photos 1 of 20 Bill Sage Our first experience of Carrie hooking up, Kurt is also Carries first experiment of having sex with no feelings.

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Craig Bierko Sometimes, I swear Carrie dates men just so she can use a good metaphor to describe them.

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Richard Joseph Paul This is the guy that gets 'addicted' to Carrie as a replacement for alcohol.

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The actress, who is running for governor of New York, said the nude russian brides where Mr Big gave Carrie a massive walk-in wardrobe went completely against what she thought the show should stand for.

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Namely, Cynthia Nixon.

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She doesn't see it that way, of course, but who expects to date their fuck buddy anyway?

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The moment where Mr Big presents Carrie with a Kardashian-style walk-in closet big enough for 15 Brooklyn hipsters to flat-share was, to Cynthia, in opposition with the whole message of SATC.

But one of its stars reveals she wasn't happy with quite all of it.

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