Army promotion counseling.

Army promotion counseling. You have been counseled on my expectations, as well as, what you need to do in order to achieve the next pay grade.

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I have been looking for an example of promotion counseling for a while now.

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Use these LOIs to prepare for the board.

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Contact editor armywriter.

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Just returning from your deployment from Afghanistan you will bring quite a bit of knowledge and experience to the squad that no one else has.

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This is not only a threat to our readiness but a serious breach of trust.

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Key Points of Discussion:

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It's time to face your decision you made as a man and serve your time honorably.

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A leader no matter his age should always be in the front, leading his team, physically and mentally.

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Continue doing Correspondence Courses kathy gifford hot Army E-learning courses to raise your military training promotion points and enroll in college in order to raise your civilian education promotion points.

This is not a good way to start out as a senior SPC.

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